Being an intuitive gestural abstract painter working from inner thought inspired by personal experience, when I am painting I choose the colors and the tools but am not aware of exactly what I am doing. The work comes from within - but all decisions are deliberate and definitive. Painting an expressive moment where I am in harmony with the creation of the piece. After I am finished I can step back and understand with what I have made.  There are no fears about making changes or destroying what I have already created because each painting has a life of its own and I try to let it come through.

—— Order and Chaos ——- Accident and Purpose —— Personal Experience ——

———— Organic Intensity —— Object ——- Relationships —- Family Construct —

—— Energy and Motion —— Memories and Space —— Place ——- Universal Forms ——

——————- Human Needs and Motives ——-Nature vs Nuture —— Synthetic Constructs ——

Story of ——

Paintings are vibrations that reach beyond ourselves