When looking at my blank canvas and I don’t know exactly what I am going to paint, but I know at the end I will have a painting. I won't know what I have until I start.  Layer upon layer I intuitively create the painting - as a complete original, it cannot be replicated or re-done. Each mark is permanent and important.

Weaving and melding colors and shapes and lines, watching paint move across the canvas guided by me or by itself, dripping and pouring, pushing, pulling, small details finish off a composition of gestures and colors.

Seeing harmonious and repetetive symbols in life: arteries and the veins of leaves have similar branching shapes. Looking at the mixture of color and textures: churning ocean water and the foaming white waves, gardens rippling with petals and leaves and shapes, in urban life: noticing ripped wall posters in the subway creating a beautiful composition of color, standing in the subway each day surrounded by strangers who all have something in common- so many faces and dreams. Thinking about the human condition, knowing there are moments of peace and of anxiety in everyone’s every day life. The wonder of falling in love and becoming a mother. The emotion of watching live music and how much it reverbs physically in your body. The calm feeling of sitting by a fire with parents or friends. The juxtapositon of how fire itself is dangerous and powerful, but still calming. Thinking about the tumultous decisions and processes we go through in life to get where we are, and my past, present and future and how all experiences shape me and people I know.

My work is abstract and intuitive, but underneath it all things like these are guiding force for my work.