Travel photography is thrilling and a challenge.  With a heightened sense of awareness I explore and experience new places braving the elements and shooting quickly, sometimes under extreme conditions, finding moments, colors, compositions attempting to capture the essence of a place.

Some of these photos are from trips I took: a honeymoon to the Greek Islands, including Santorini (2006) , a five day hike with my family in extreme conditions through a region of Iceland (2009),  traversing the ancient steps of the Inca Trail in Peru to all the way to Machu Picchu (1999) or seeing Yellowstone's volcanic tablelands(2012).  Shorter excursions include a day spent walking down South Beach in Miami (2008), taking a day trip from New York City upstate with my husband to Storm King Sculpture Park near Beacon, NY (2011) or visiting Palm Springs, California for a few nights with my husband's family. 

Other travel photos are acquired over time of living in one place:  I lived in and explored London, England for many months while touring with my husband and his band, Shy Child (2007). While living and working in New York City for most of the last fifteen years, I have taken thousands of photos documenting the city.   Westport, Massachusetts is a beautiful small coastal community that many generations of my family have come to in the summer or lived in year round for over 80 years - a traditional, bucolic and emotional New England seaside environment filled with nostalgia.