With multi-layered, colorful, textured, gestural and dynamic markings, her work explores spontaneity in the painting process. The final works are often reminiscent of known shapes and objects, and often become metaphors of her personal experiences. Her primary mediums are acrylic paint and latex acrylic house paint on canvas, sometimes incorporating other materials and mediums.

Jessica’s paintings usually begin through an explosive instinctual gesture and are then discovered and shaped with layers over time in reaction to the present surface.  The work is about paint and the act of painting, and many things in between.  It’s about nature, it’s about nurture, its about harmony. It’s about layers. It’s about geology. It’s about the universe. It’s about myth and reality. It’s about superficiality, it’s about depth. It’s about perception, it’s about confusion, about clarity and elation. It’s about mountains and oceans, constellations and comets. It’s about chance and luck and perseverance and strength. It’s about color and texture. It’s about boldness and rawness and shyness and elegance. It’s about grief and joy. It’s about mental challenges and sensitivities. It’s about history and family, ancestry and siblings. It’s about music, the party, fun and celebration. It’s about freedom, creative energy and rhythm. It’s about motherhood and career, love and marriage, decisions and limits. It’s about patterns and cycles, science and seasons. It’s about the beautiful and the ugly, the natural and the plastic. It’s about this thing, and that thing. It’s about nothing and everything.  It’s about somebody and nobody. There is no set plan for any of the work from beginning to completion. The constant change, spontaneity and layering that Jessica explores in her process is a reflection of but also an escape and departure from a reality where everything is changing and ethereal but is also recorded, permanent or eternal, remembered and/or eventually exposed. Much like geology, her paintings leave a trail of its history in the layers below, an evidence
of existence.

Jessica was born in New Hartford, New York in 1975 and graduated from Skidmore College in 1997 with a degree in studio art. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is the graphic design director for a high-end Italian fashion company, in their U.S. office, in Manhattan.

Jessica’s work is in multiple private collections and the Skidmore College permanent art collection.